Bring on the Spireites!


It’s almost here and the suspense is killing me.

It seems an eternity since the Stags last took on Chesterfield in a local derby and everyone is brimming over with anticipation for what is ahead of us on Saturday.

There seems to be quite a few with a feeling of dread too – just because they have had a better start over the Derbyshire border. So what?

All that has gone before this season will mean absolutely nothing when those sides cross that white line on Saturday for their high noon showdown.

It will be all about who can handle the atmosphere and the pressure best on the big day.

So to that end, a message to EVERY Stags fan – get down there and be noisy from before kick-off to the final whistle.

Even if you are one of those staying away from Field Mill until there is a change of ownership – and I respect your opinion – on this occasion just come down for a one-off match.

The team need every true Stags fan pulling together for this one.

And if things are not going Mansfield’s way, stay behind them.

Despite injuries and personnel changes, Mansfield are not playing too badly at all right now and they will be pumped up for this one big-time.

Billy Dearden is hoping Alex John-Baptiste will be fit again and available for selection.

But, if he is, it would be a tough call who to drop – despite the side conceding too many goals recently.

Skipper Jake Buxton – as a local lad who understands what this game means – is the ideal choice to lead them into battle.

Martin McIntosh’s power in the air and years of experience will also be invaluable. And at right back or centre back John Mullins has been one of the club’s most outstanding players in recent games. Good luck Bill!

One thing if for certain, there will be a few pints sunk on Saturday night – one way or the other!


One Response to “Bring on the Spireites!”

  1. Dan Says:

    How refreshing. I was beginning to think I was alone with having a positive view. Reading the stuff on stagsnet is depressing, people aren’t happy unless they’re moaning about something. It’s a new start, a new dawn, a newish team and a brand new season with 4 brand new grounds to visit. There’s so much to look forward to and I think Billy will do well for us again and I think we will make the play offs this season. There’s no pressure on us and no-one expects us to do well and that helps. The pressure is on MK Dons, Posh, Spireites etc not us. If we finish a place below any of those then we will have had a good season.

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