Scoreline hides an encouraging start


SO no Carling Cup adventure for the Stags this season.

But the 4-1 final scoreline flattered a decent Oldham Athletic last night and Stags fans can be encouraged by the majority of the performance.

There is no way Mansfield will come up against someone of the quality of Craig Davies every week.

The Welsh international was a real handful and, being Welsh, would probably appreciate the ‘rugby-like’ challenge Martin McIntosh had to perform on him to halt him at one stage! Or maybe not.

But Stags know, with a bit of cup luck they could have been ahead before Oldham stung them with two quick goals. It just wasn’t to be this year.

John Mullins’ reply at least gave the score some rightful respectability as Carl Muggleton had hardly been under siege all night.

Credit to Mansfield, they pushed forward in search of an equaliser and credit to Oldham they expolited that with two late goals on the break.

But the 213 diehard Stags fans who braved the miserable Lancashire rain to watch this game to the end will have returned home with a different view on it to those who have just seen the score in the newspaper.

All the ‘Moaning Minnies’ out there (you know who you are) who predicted an opening day drubbing at Brentford, must have been really frustrated by the excellent showing in London.

I know everyone gets passionate about their football and if the side deserve to be criticised then so be it.

However, a small but vociferous number of Stags fan seem to enjoy doom and gloom and are only happy when things are bad.

I am not saying this side is going to get promoted this year – far from it. Putting our squad and budget against the Milton Keynes, Peterboroughs and Darlingtons of this division, Stags have no divine  right to be in the mix whatsoever.

But let’s put a few points on the board to avoid the wrong end of the table and then see what happens.

Billy Dearden is a shrewd operator and will quietly get on with his job and I have been impressed with what I have seen so far of John McAliskey, Lee Bell and Martin McIntosh.

Dan Martin has yet to show what he can do but has not yet been fully fit so I am sure it will come soon.

After conceding eight goals in their first two games, Lincoln City must surely be ripe for the taking at Field Mill on Saturday.

Stags certainly owe them one (or two) after the Imps became a bogey side in recent seasons.

It would be nice to chalk up one derby win before the visit of Chesterfield.

And, hopefully, the day will be completed by a lifting of the Safety Advisory group capacity restriction after Les Norman and his new team of stewards prove they can treat supporters like valued customers and rid Field Mill of its dreadful reputation.

Roll on Saturday!


One Response to “Scoreline hides an encouraging start”

  1. OAP Says:

    The ‘moaning minnies’ predicting a defeat were being realistic — why would they have been frustrated with a great display?

    Aren’t all football fans fickle anyway

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