Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Field Mill and give Lincoln City a game, Stags sink without a trace.

It was a dire performance by the players and a field day for the Moaning Minnies.

Thankfully the players had already proved what they can do and set their standards high at Brentford. So we know this was below the set standard.

If this had been the first game it would have been a frighteningly low standard (in the second half)  that simply won’t be good enough.

But we already know they are capable of much more.

Certain players need to have a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves what more they could have done.

Then they have to go out and do it at Morecambe.

Looking back at my first half notes, there is no doubt the Stags should have been comfortably in charge by half time.

But, as always seems to happen when Lincoln visit, it all went wrong.

Even so, at half-time Stags were still well in the contest.

Yet when the killer third goal flew in (what a great finish by Mark Stallard) with over half an hour still left, suddenly home players went AWOL and there was no fight.

I find it very hard to defend the side from their critics on this occasion (to be fair, the players were not too good at defending on the day either) but I did think the first half treatment of Jason White was diabolical.

Exactly what did he do to deserve those jeers and cat-calls?

Five of his team mates allowed Louis Dodds to get into a position to stab the ball past him for the first goal and, for the second, Dany N’Gussen whipped it in so firmly it had flown in past White off the legs of team mate Martin McIntosh from close range.

He had no chance with the third either, but as the game wore on he naturally started to look drained of confidence and started punching balls he might have caught earlier on.

Jason is a young lad desperate to do well for Mansfield Town. As a professional, yes, he must accept that if he throws a couple in (if you watched the Arsenal game on TV you’ll know it happens to the best of em) then he will get some stick.

But it seemed on Saturday that the Moaning Minnies just couldn’t wait to get at him as we were losing and, if that meant barracking him before he even made an error, then so be it.

He was bound to make one sooner or later so let’s get in there first. Unbelievable.

That aside, though, I would not criticise anyone for their reaction at the end. It was a bitter disappointment and hardly the way to get fans back through the gates, whether the club is sold or not.

With a trip to title favourites Peterborough, followed by a home clash with the old enemy imminent, the week ahead is crucial to how the season unfolds with a game at new boys Morecambe followed by a home clash with Stockport.

If you are heading for Christie Park, enjoy your Bank Holiday at the seaside.

Let’s hope for sunshine, decent beer and three points.


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