Save your Stags – time to return to the Mill


Okay I have sat here and read and listened to the various views from Stags supporters over the imminent club takeover over the past week.

Some of it is heartwarming and sensible and some of it is the biggest load of claptrap I have ever seen.

I set out my stall on our Chad back page last week and told the stayaway fans and businesses that, all respect to your protests, it was now time to come back as you have always said you would.

Or was it just hot air and an excuse not to support ‘your team’?

That seemed to provoke a mixed response. But why?

If you have stuck with the Stags throughout the whole sorry mess, fair play. True fans generally stick with their side through thick and thin.

But the issues with Keith Haslam and money down there would have tried the patience of a saint and equally fair play to those who elected to make a stand.

But all we have heard for two or three years from many of those people is that they would be back the minute the club changed hands.

Now all of a sudden we are getting new excuses from the ‘I won’t pay good money to watch a rubbish side until they start winning’ brigade through to the ‘James Derry and Keith Haslam are plotting together and I refuse to trust the new owners’ conspiracy brigade.


There is not time for the ‘I won’t pay’ brigade to wait around until they jump on the bandwagon if things start going right.

And, as for the conspiracy brigade, they are the ones who still believe the NASA moon landings were filmed in an earthbound studio and Princess Diana’s Mercedes was forced to crash by aliens in the Paris tunnel.

The only person Stags should worry about not backing them right now is Kate Middleton and her gun-toting royal chums!

It is time for everyone in this town to rally round James Derry’s brave attempt to save the Stags.
Any doubts or misgivings the conspiracy theory brigade have about him must be shelved until he actually does something for you to worry about. Innocent until proven guilty surely?

Yes he has said certain things and not been able to deliver. But bear in mind who held their reins of power at that time.

The tables have now been turned and he will be judged on future promises, not ones he tried to instigate in the past.

What the club needs now is the spirit of 76.

That year Mansfield found themselves five points adrift at the foot of the old Division Three under Dave Smith as late as mid-February but turned it round so that they went unbeaten for the final 19 games and ended the season in 10th place.

It wouldn’t take anything as dramatic as that to ease the current ‘crisis’.

Last weekend Stags headed for in-form Barnet five points adrift but came away with a battling point.

Three points against Notts County before a packed Field Mill this Saturday should reduce that deficit and the return of Jon D’Laryea is just around the corner.

I find it hard to believe there were still over 1,000 tickets left for the reduced capacity Field Mill at the start of this week.

Don’t forget it is all ticket so you need to get them in advance.

The takeover paperwork may still be waiting for the final signatures. But let’s start the party and the new era at the Mill now this Saturday against Notts.


6 Responses to “Save your Stags – time to return to the Mill”

  1. Nigel Says:

    Sorry but I’m one still to be convinced until the deal is actually done.

    Yes Mr Derry talks a good talk but at this moment in time the club is still owned by Keith Haslam.

    It’s nothing to do with conspiracy theories just a healthy scepticism after all the broken promises and claims we have heard so far.

    You say it yourself that many people say they will come back the minute the club changed hands. I say again…it hasn’t yet changed hands.

    Thought you were talking about the music scene with the spirit of 76!

  2. Rob Says:

    As Nigel rightly says, until fans can be absolutely sure the money they pay through the turnstiles will go to the club and not to Haslam, I can’t see too many rushing back. That said, the team is in a perilous position and needs fans support, so I agree with John that all fans should get to the Mill on Saturday. When Mr Derry does take over I’ll be first in the queue for a new shirt, will start buying programmes again and will, for the first time, invest in a 50-50 ticket. However, apart from going to the match, the rest of my money will be staying firmly in my pocket until I am absolutely sure Haslam has finally and thankfully vacated the football side of the club.

  3. Hunk the Stag Says:

    Mr. Haslam has not left the club, the new board are down £200,000 per year before a ball has been kicked giving this to Mr. Haslam. I don’t see any progress at all, I for one will not be among the throng of supporters returning, one has only to see that a thousand tickets unsold tells a sad story.

  4. ben Says:

    well what a sorry afair at field mill. this whole club is a joke im afraid. im sick of james derry saying he can hopefully conclude a deal in the next week or so. he has been saying this kind of thing since july. when radio mansfield announced a new owner of mtfc back in october i was relieved it was all over.
    why am i surprised it had not even started. This saga really does seem typical of Mansfield as a place as well. pipe dreams that never happen. what a mess.

  5. ben Says:

    crazy this is. what in the world is going on with this takeover saga. im sick of this crap now and lets hope this club folds. utter nonsense and a sad reflection of this sorry dump of a town

  6. Nigel Says:

    You were saying John?

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