Brighter days at the Mill


Is it just me or does life seem so much brighter right now?

Three games unbeaten and out of the relegation places, assurances that the takeover will go through soon and new people brimming with superb ideas and gallons of enthusiasm coming on board – surely all reasons to be cheerful?

I do not expect for one minute that Saturday’s game with Macclesfield will be a sell out.

And I know the ‘Moaning Minnies’, who won’t go back while Keith Haslam is landlord,  Billy Deaden is manager or the toilet needs cleaning etc, will never be pleased.

But it is encouraging to hear folk saying they will now come back to the Mill.

And, while it is only the start of November, take a look at the league table and see how crucial this game could be.

It has been a Mansfield Town trait of many years to set themselves up only to stumble.

Well defeat against a Macc side scoring goals and doing well away from home could dump us back at the bottom again with that tough trip to Hereford to come.

But a win would keep everyone on a high heading for Edgar Street.

I was impressed with Shrewsbury’s new set up last weekend, though less impressed with my AA Routefinder directions.

It took me onto the M6 Midlands Expressway toll road for the first time.

I was eating up the miles without hitting a toll booth until, almost at my junction, I came off for a pee at a service station.

Leaving the services I was confronted with split directions stating Expressway North West and Expressway South. No other clues.

At the last minute I chose Expressway South as I thought that must be the general direction to Shrewsbury. Wrong!

On rounding the corner I realised I was heading for a previous junction and, to rub salt on the wounds, I had to chuck £3 into a toll booth basket to get through to turn round and pay £3 again to get to my proper junction at the next toll.

It was the most expensive pee I’ve ever had!

I failed geography at school but I never realised Shrewsbury was north west from there.

But it was a journey well worth making for me and the 400 fans behind the goal.

The lads deserve so much praise for not going under at Shrewsbury after losing Matt Hamshaw, Nathan Arnold and John Mullins. No feeling sorry for themselves. They just knuckled down and defended superbly.

Get down there Saturday, get behind them and let’s continue reeling in the sides above us.


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