Eat, drink and be miserable!


The Festive period is upon us when we all usually eat, drink and make merry.

But most Stags fans will simply be drinking away their sorrows this Christmas praying 2008 will not bring any more false dawns or become the year the club goes out of the League or business (or both).

I, like everyone else, am worried, depressed, angry, sickened and frustrated by the situation the club finds itself in as we end a miserable 2007.

But surely there has to be a way to rescue what is now a dire situation.

Never at any stage this season did I feel relegation was a real possibility until last weekend at Grimsby.

But the way we are not getting an ounce of luck on the field, the continuing on-off sale saga off it, and the general apathy leaves me increasingly worried.

I hold my hands up. I really did believe that the James Derry bid would go through and have been left with enough egg on my face to make a dozen omelettes as it all fell to pieces.

Keith Haslam continues to insist he wants out. We hear the Derry bid was not a million miles away from what he wanted but lacked cash up front.

Surely there are enough interested parties out there who care enough about the club and have expressed an interest in buying it or saving it who could come together and buy Haslam out. Or are egos getting in the way of the common cause?

I don’t know but it seems daft to me that there would appear to be enough parties with enough money and enough interest to end Mr Haslam’s reign out there who are seemingly not communicating right now.

Time in running out chaps. The Conference and, possibly, oblivion are beckoning. Let’s get everyone round a table, local busisnessmen, supporters, council, Australians, Ukranians, Nmibians, Martians, whoever. Just do it. And do it yesterday.

Also, new club supremo Stephen Booth knows he is going to have to dip his hand into an empty pocket and produce some money for Billy Dearden next month.

Booth has been put in charge of the day to day running of the club, admits he has never been involved with football and said he will be running the club on a proper business footing.

That is worrying as the current situation needs some money thrown at it quickly. That money may not be enough to save us. But, without it, we are as good as down. Playing it safe financially right now is NOT an option.

Doubtless Dearden will be expected to wheel and deal to help create some of that money. But the squad is nowhere near big enough to cope with the rigours of this division and needs substantially bolstering or we will be down by March.

That will take some level of investment and some very shrewd acquisitions by Dearden as he managed last year with Barry Conlon and Martin Gritton.

Persuading players of a decent standard to join Mansfield Town in the current situation must be nigh on impossible. If Billy can pull more rabbits out the hat again maybe they will call on him to sort out the Middle East too.

Those calling for him to be sacked must ask themselves the question – who could the club appoint in the current situation that would do a better job at this level? Bear in mind some would not come anyway and others would want silly money.

 Opinion remains split down the middle as to whether or not to attend games

I am heading for Chesterfield fearing the worst and anything else would be a bonus.

There’s no doubt that if new hope is not born somewhere over Christmas for Mansfield Town Football Club, then they will be certainly looking for a miracle come Easter.


5 Responses to “Eat, drink and be miserable!”

  1. nige Says:

    Whats your stance on boycotting?

  2. johnlomas Says:

    Hi there – my stance on the boycotts?

    Well I can understand why people are doing them with Keith Haslam still at the overall reins after it seemed he would go.

    If I was a supporter on the terraces rather than sitting in the press box the truth is I would stil be going to every home game and a lot of the aways, simply because that it what I have always done.

    I would be happy to wave protest banners and chant against the owner/chairman/manager/centre forward or whoever it was under fire at the time. But I would want to be there.

    That would not be an ensorsement of a particular regime. But because, as a football fan, all I have ever done is go to matches. It’s what I do with my time and have done since I was six.

    I can understand people not wanting to see their cash in their enemy’s pockets. But as an observer of the situation I thought it was much more uncomfortable for the target (ie Keith Haslam) when there were lots of people in the ground chanting together than the current sparse and quiet stands.

    It really is Catch 22 at the moment as if fans starve the club of cash it will go into administration and out the League. And, hand on heart, I do not honestly see us coming back if we do.

    So, therefore, if I was a fan in the stand, despite not wanting to give the club owner my money, I would still be there rain and shine, venting my spleen but on the inside and not the outside.

    Everyone has to do what their heart tells them to do and hope it has the desired effect.

    It is sad that everyone who cares equally passionately about the Stags are so divided right now. How good will it be if the club is sold?

    Have a great Xmas and let’s hope we have something to celebrate and not mourn in 2008.


  3. nige Says:

    Thanks for reply, like you i have been (well still am) a fan since i was a young boy about 30 years service i spose you would call it. But no more, ive done the chanting which has worked,then on beliving the club was for sale,(was it ever really),im going down the stay away boycott route call it what you will along with six others. I cant grasp anymore were you think if more money was coming in it would help the club when it has clearly been run down even when money was there. We are in our posistion now because of the owners last 3/4 years,(was this simply a long term get out plan) I dont see Keith has the enemy, he has simply lost interest and wants out. Having said that he would also let this club tickover with no hope of any future if like you said we simply turn up and pay, dont get me wrong im not wanting glory,how could i being a stags fan this long.The key to all this is one word HOPE and its gone. By not giving anymore money something will happen, or do i simply turn up and this whole fiasco goes on for years.

  4. The running knowledgebase » Blog Archive » East, drink and be miserable! Says:

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  5. Tom Erickson Says:

    If your club survives and Dearden gets sacked let me know. I can’t help with the finances but I can guide the club to the top of the table. I can also bring the fans back out. Guess the finances will take care of themselves after we start winning. I GUARANTEE results.

    Best of luck in the transfer window.

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