‘Rabbit out the hat time’ for Dearden again!

BILLY Dearden is going to have to produce more rabbits out the hat than Paul Daniels this week.
The loss of Mickey Boulding AND John McAliskey at ‘Stadium Franchise’ on Tuesday was hard to take.
But it leaves the club as weak as I can remember in terms of bodies available for the FA Cup trip to Brighton on Saturday.
It is ironic that possibly the last time the club had so few bodies available Billy Dearden took them to Brighton for the first game of the 1999/2000 season and they were blasted 6-0.
Dearden had already said he needed a new striker last week when both Boulding and McAliskey were fit. So you would imagine he will now need at least two.
The good thing is that he has already shown he can produce strikers when desperately needed as 12 months ago he paired up journeymen Barry Conlon and Martin Gritton and got the best out of them when it was most needed.
We desperately need a left winger too.
MK Dons had two good wide men who simply ran at people and pinged in a succession of crosses into the box.
Stags have right wingers (Hamshaw and Arnold) a striker (brown) and a left back (Jelleyman) who are prepared to fill the position but are not out and out left wingers.
Anything from Brighton will be a bonus (and no I do not agree with those Stags fans who think it best we lose there – or lose any game this season – absolute nonsense).
If we can beat Brighton or even drag them up here for a replay it is potentially more cash in the offering for anyone looking to take over the club.
Some will say it is more money into the coffers of a certain Keith Haslam. But if he is the club owner and the club is currently haemorrhaging money left right and centre then he is unlikely to see FA Cup cash do anything other than try to keep the club afloat.
After the Brighton trip comes potentially the most crucial spell in the club’s history – three home games out of four including one against the only club in the country below us.
Home form has generally been really good until last weekend’s flop against Accrington Stanley.
That game has to be a one off. And Dearden’s new signings have to come in and make an immediate impact in those games if they are not to be cast adrift at the bottom.
As much as I respect the stay-away protesters there has to be an argument that says, even if it is only for these three home games in 12 days, anyone and everyone who cares in any way for Mansfield Town Football Club should get back in the ground and get behind the club through a crucial time.
After that, do what you need to do. Just a thought?

3 Responses to “‘Rabbit out the hat time’ for Dearden again!”

  1. ben Says:

    i agree john. i have thought about some of the negative things i have said about Mansfield Town of late with regards to the circus of the takeover. alot of what i have said is just sheer frustration and the fact i want better from my club. i am going to go to as many games as i can now because i want us to survive in this league and more important as a club. please people of Mansfield get behind the club before its to late.

  2. adam Says:

    I agree its time for all the protesters to come back you dont have to buy anything other than a ticket just come back support the team as you can see you arent doing the club anygood staying away so quit the excuses and come back and support the stags

  3. nige Says:

    I will come back if the club(haslam) wants me back ie,he can spend some of the 200 odd k he has had recently on players. It wont happen because he dosent care, looks like you will be brushing up on the blue square john. the bull coming from field mill over the last couple of seasons is a joke, to be honest i pity the guys who have bought season tickets or even turn up. They have been taken for a ride.Shame its taken this long for them to realise you included John, The fight is over we are down, the cup run has been our downfall.Crazy fancy having to right that when we get a cup run.

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