Cameras, cups and croissants


The national media descended on Field Mill this morning to meet the manager and players and prepare their previews of Saturday’s tasty FA Cup tie with Middlesbrough.

Usually there are only three or four of us at the twice weekly press conference. But it was standing room only today as Billy tried to answer the questions above the din of the clicking cameras.

Desperate for a coffee after a late night I had slipped into McDonalds on the way past and was gobsmacked to find the club had laid on tea, coffee and a variety of croissants for the media as I wandered in clutching my polystyrene McDonalds cup.

Wonder if that will become regular? Mmm I think not. But it was very nice all the same.

We had to sneak one to Lee Bell who is a birthday boy on the day of the big match. Wonder what would make his day extra special?

Midway through the interviews the door opened and two large men appeared with the FA Cup itself which was placed right next to my notepad on the table.

I remained as professional and undistracted as I could but the urge to pick it up with both hands, kiss it and do a lap of the room was absolutely huge.

The lads all enjoyed their moment in the spotlight as the papers and TV stations queued to ask them about the tie and the atmosphere was good.

But come Saturday the talking will all be over and it will be all about the football.

Stags’ chances of anything other than a hiding have to be slim. But you never know with this damn competition – just ask Swansea about certainties.

So it would be remiss of me not to have a little flutter on a shock victory – just in case.

After the euphoria of Chester away I don’t feel too down this week over the Darlington result.

Once again it was a close-run thing and again a top side failed to really turn us over.

Only Wycombe have done that from our division this season and that on a night when the weather played such a huge part.

Enjoy the game on Saturday, get down if you can or grab an early place in the pub.

Wear your lucky pants with pride (on the outside if neccessary).

But, above all, try to get out of work on Tuesday in time to get to Sincil Bank for a far more important fixture.

Take one glance at the current league table and you will realise just how much your football team need you behind them at Lincoln.

It could be a fantastic four days – hopefully.


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