New faces, Frantic February and flares


Okay, I will admit I am entering ‘Frantic February’ with a little more hope than I had two or three weeks back.

What we need more than anything this month is an injury-free run. If that happens I feel sure the results will follow.

Having two new faces is a massive boost.

Will Atkinson looked confident on the ball in his cameo appearance at Lincoln and judging by Jefferson Louis’ handshake strength this morning, I am sure he will knock a few defenders about in the Conlon/Stant mould and become a terrace hero if he can find the net as well.

With Simon Brown currently off the boil I really hope Ian Holmes gets his chance on Saturday.

The usual Moaning Minnies took great delight in the fact that Holmes didn’t walk into the club from non-League and immediately set the division alight which was never going to happen.

Billy Dearden was even mocked and ridiculed by some for bringing him here at all.

But Dearden has been around long enough to see qualities in a player that he can nurture and has patiently worked hard with Holmes on the training field for a few months and brought him on.

Now we are reaping the benefits as he has looked every inch the part in recent appearances and is surely due a run in the first team.

Gareth Jelleyman and Matt Hamshaw have also been targets of some supporters’ vitriol this season but are both playing too well right now to merit any flak.

So some of the jibes have been immediately turned instead at Dearden’s two new signings – Will Atkinson (too inexperienced) and Jefferson Louis (scraping the barrel).

Precisely who did you expect Dearden to bring in and how?

His hands are tied financially and we are lucky anyone will come here right now with the club in such a state of flux.

Let’s give the new guys a chance to show what they can do and not crucify them if they don’t have a dream debut.

What the club needs in February is our backing for them on the field, whatever is happening off it.

It was very interesting to hear the players talk this week about how much last weekend’s big home crowd helped them and lifted them.

I know it was the FA Cup and the ‘Prawn Sandwich Brigade’ would be out in force for a one-off.

But, surely among that big influx were some of those who have been staying away due to the Keith Haslam saga and may now be tempted to stay onboard and help cheer their club to safety.

So I will be very interested to see the attendance this Saturday against Brentford.

Let’s hope by Saturday night we are having a beer celebrating getting out of the bottom two.

By the way – which pillock threw the flare? At a time when the club is in constant talks with the Safety Advisory group about increasing the capacity and showing they are making Field Mill a safer place to watch football, what purpose did you think that served?

Either you are a mischievous Chesterfield fan or simply a prat. Save your fireworks for 5th November.


One Response to “New faces, Frantic February and flares”

  1. adamr999 Says:

    I agree we have to give the new players a chance i think if that jefferson louis is what he says he is a target man then he should be a good asset because thats what mansfield is missing we just trying hoofing to boulding and he isnt exactly tall so it doesent always work this could work well also i dont like how holmes was pushed to the bench after he was playing well just because boulding was back simon brown has been poor so give holmes a chance

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