Daffodils, leeks and brass bands!


Saturday’s relegation six-pointer at Wrexham is a mouthwatering prospect.

It comes at the end of a week which has seen five more vital home points squandered.

But, with Mansfield’s recent away form and the Dragons’ inability to find the net for three games, it gives the visitors every encouragement they can get something out of this one.

I know Billy Deaden is playing it down as just another game in which three points are at stake. But that if just to ease the pressure on his players.

The truth is a win put Stags seven points clear of the bottom side while a Wrexham win brings them breathing down our necks within a point.

Being St David’s Day, doubtless Stags and their followers will be subjected to an emotional out-pouring of ‘Welshness’ with much singing, brass bands and waving of daffodils.

Why is it every other country celebrates their national day with such passion and pride while most English people would struggle to tell you the date of St George’s Day?

Then you get the politically correct morons who say it should not be celebrated as it may offend minorities. Garbage!

Go to Leicester and see how the communities get together to celebrate Diwili or watch the English gulp down the ‘black stuff’ on St Patrick’s day. A party is a party is a party. But I digress.

I am sure it will be a highly charged atmosphere at the Racecourse Ground and feature the usual England v Wales terrace chanting between the two sets of supporters.

Singing and daffodils are fine. But let’s hope the only ‘leaks’ are in the home defence.

I always look forward to going to Wrexham for a few beers just up the road at The Sun Inn in Llangollen. With a great range of micro-brew ales at the bar and live music, it’s my idea of heaven. Three points would make it even sweeter.

This week could have developed very differently.

We can but dream. But, ‘hands up’ – who honestly believed the club takeover would go ahead this week and that we could get six points from the two big crunch home relegation battles.

In the end there was no change at the top – and no change at the bottom.

The club creeps nearer and nearer to relegation and yet those pushing to buy it do not seem to get any closer and the man selling it seems to continue to be in no hurry at all.

It is agonising. It is like watching a sick relative screaming out for help while the doctors discuss the case with their back to the patient.

What we need this weekend is the tonic of a win at Wrexham.

Half of the remaining 14 games are ‘relegation clashes’ against sides currently in the bottom eight. So Stags’ fate remains very much in their own hands.

But time and games are slipping through their fingers.


One Response to “Daffodils, leeks and brass bands!”

  1. adam Says:

    Saturday is a must win for me as rochdale is an extremely tuff home game

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