Let’s go Dutch!


If Paul Holland doesn’t get the Mansfield Town manager’s job this week then he may as well take up a different career.

Asked to show his credentials for the job over two games he has masterminded two outstanding displays and renewed hope for survival.

But still the doubts remain from those running the football club.

Of course football, like life, is full of uncertainties and twists and they may appoint Holland tomorrow and he goes on to lose every other game between now and the end of the season.

But would a new boss – Billy McEwan seems a strong candidate –  come in and do better?

I am not a betting man. But if you play the percentage game, you have to say that Holland looks the safest bet, being someone already in the club, able to bring out the best of the players he has and play the sort of football the supporters want to see.

For all those spouting garbage about him being overweight, who cares?

As someone who has played in a friendly game against Holland in the last couple of years I can tell you he would run you into the ground all day still.

Holland was a consummate professional who only put on weight after seeing his career ended by a serious knee injury.

And what has happened results-wise while he has been number two to other bosses is immaterial. All that counts is what he can do as number one. You live and die by what you can produce yourself and so far what he has produced has been pretty impressive.

So for God’s sake let’s get on with it. This club needs some stability somewhere and if we are going to appoint Paul Holland let’s do it today.

If not let’s bring in the new man today and get him cracking as time is running out.

At least with Holland at the helm, no one is coming in blind and having to learn players’ strengths/weaknesses/temperaments within a few days.

We are not talking three-year contracts or anything here. We are talking about a 10-game quick fix rescue job. Longer term solutions can be discussed in the summer.

Let’s not dither and dally, let’s make a decision that could be one of the most important in the club’s Football League history.

The Dutch are known for ‘total football,’ let’s see what our Holland can offer.


3 Responses to “Let’s go Dutch!”

  1. ben Says:

    well said john. I for one would like to see holland get his chance, i feel he is right at this moment in time. why undo the hard work he has done in putting fire into the players bellies. it would strike me as very odd if board appoint somebody else now. to me it would make me wonder if the board really want us to stay up and fuel the rumours further that haslam wants to kill the club.

  2. ALAN Says:

    What now then Ben. 1 win in 4 brings players in who are not match fit oversees a dreadful performance at Bury. He is like the last five or six managers we have had untried and never likely to make it, he like most of the players at the club is sub football league standard. If we get out of this mess I will hold my hand up but improved performances without the end result are not good enough. IT IS TOOO LATE

  3. goalpost Says:

    I watch the conference on Setanta Sports…See you there lads! ( I prefer non-league anyway, more honest endeavour)Tell him (rattle chops) on local radio Histon are not so bad, much better supporters of soccer than him! All this “hate” Chesterfield etc win at all costs, is that good for young kids to hear broadcast? All local clubs bring the best gates. Stags and County in the Conerence?? That would be something. When i used to go to a match i went to watch two teams, ofcourse i wanted the Stags to win but if they gave everything and lost i would still clap them off the field, also applaud their opponents for their efforts..”That’s football!”
    Oh, before you get on at me i first watched the Stags in the late 1930’s so i’ve seen em a few times, good days and bad. Struggle to get nower days, t’owd legs can’t keep up we rest on me!
    May football be the winner


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