‘2007/08 – A Relegation Odyssey’ ?


Blink and you will miss something at Field Mill right now.

The plot is thicker than a James Bond blockbuster and makes for unmissable drama.

 Don’t even go to bed at night for you are bound to have missed something by next morning.

The latest characters introduced into ‘2007/08 – A Relegation Odyssey’ have been Billy McEwan and now John Batchelor.

McEwan was reputed to be a prime candidate for the manager’s job but, despite two defeats over Easter, found himself missing out as faith (and the club’s League future) was placed firmly in the hands of caretaker Paul Holland.

At the same time Stephen Booth told the world that a deal had ‘in effect’ been done and James Derry was now in effective control of the club.

Cue cheers from delighted fans.

But then enter, stage left, Mt John Batchelor – seen as a pantomime villain in York, where he took the club into administration.

Batchelor appears to be one of the most colourful characters in the tale so far and is offering ‘whacky and zany ideas’ to bring in money.

One minute he was going to be part of the Derry consortium.

But Derry did not hear anyone shout ‘He’s behind you’ as Batchelor met up with the Stags’ fans ultimate ‘Dr Evil’ Keith Haslam to offer to go it alone. A real plot twist.

Meanwhile Stags prepare for the run-in with some ruthless chopping and changing by agent Holland who knows he has only one chance to get this right and that in 37 days he will either get the freedom of Mansfield or never be able to set foot in town again.

Six players have gone and two are due in as I write this, though deadline is ticking ever nearer. It’s great stuff and you really couldn’t make it up.

The last scenes of ‘2007/08 – A Relegation Odyssey’ could go either way.

Six very winnable points could be bagged in the next two games, Derry could finally take over, Batchelor may come in or Haslam stay on. Who knows?

This season has been a depressing movie so far with enough moments of genuine horror to make you choke on your popcorn – a real 18 certificate.

Certainly much of Monday’s Bury game needed to be watched between your fingers or from behind the sofa.

But this movie could still have a happy ending.

No one is writing 2008/09 – A Conference Odyssey just yet.

But Holland’s new-look cast have to do the business quickly – starting at Meadow Lane on Saturday.


7 Responses to “‘2007/08 – A Relegation Odyssey’ ?”

  1. GB Says:

    “It’s great stuff and you really couldn’t make it up”

    Great stuff? how on earth can you make this comment?

    Our club is being slowly murdered by business vultures and you call it great stuff?

    There are many phrases I could use to describe it and this would never be one of them.

  2. johnlomas Says:

    Point taken, I will quailfy that better – ‘Great stuff’ as in ‘fantastical’ – unbelievable material that if someone had written it they would have been told it was too far-fetched. Great for a movie directior or publishing company but an absolute bloody nightmare for anyone who cares about football and Mansfield Town Football Club.

  3. goalpost Says:

    As i keep saying, the world is full of con men. Are you one John? Well, you keep making a bob or two out of us idiots! (Aren’t all football fans idiots?) I mean, we give Beckham his hundreth cap and he laughs at us, wouldn’t pick him for the STAGS! mind, he could afford to buy Stags and Haslam and Derry and batchelor.
    All i ask is a quiet life watching Stags (from my bedroom legs have gone)…playing a team from somewhere..

  4. ben Says:

    i cant believe whats going on at stags anymore. we have been fed lies for so long its so sad and tiring. just last thursday derry tells us its a new dawn and era. he stressed that he wanted fans to return to the mill as all money would now be going to his help his new regime and not haslam. why the lies? its all a real turn off and got to a point where you feel truth will never again come out of mill. haslam, booth, derry and co have all been in this together to destroy club. i wont bother going to county now as i have had enough of it all. football is meant to be fun and a release from the stress of life. mansfield town are a stress and im sure i can find more healthy ways of spending my time. its not our club anymore it died along time ago.

  5. liam Says:

    i have lost my patients like everyone else, we wont to be told the truth. not lies. ive lost that loving feeling for mansfield town football club, until we get the truth im not interested.

  6. Mike Says:

    Hello blog readers,

    is it not possible to find someone who could organise a “Supporters” buyout, á la Ebbsfleet United? http://www.myfootballclub.co.uk.

    15.000 Fans paying 200 quid each to own a piece of the Stags isn´t unrealistic is it? Thats 3 Million before you all get out your calculators.

    I´d love to “own” a piece of MTFC, you too?


  7. To be a Pilgrim Says:

    As a Boston United fan living in Chadland I feel for all true Stags fans. My own club and its reputation has been ruined by individuals who only saw £ signs. We’re not out of danger of being wound up yet. I have watched 20yrs of enjoyable non-League footy and 5yrs of League crazyness due to off field activities. If the ‘worst’ should happen some comfort is that it is not the end for you. It would be a chance to regroup and return better & stronger. Some have done it quickly like Carlisle and some a little longer like Donny. ATB

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