Blasting Bees, kissing Jefferson and planning statues


With the home hoodoo finally broken what price Barnet crumbling under the weight of a Stags goal rush this Saturday?

The Bees have little to play for and have lost four of their last five away games – the last two by a three-goal margin.

Surely they are ripe for a roasting? Confidence plays a big part in this young Stags’ side’s confidence and, after four points from two games, and provided they don’t concede early, I really think we could make it back to back wins for the first time this season.

And what a time it would be  to end another long hoodoo.

With away games at Stockport and Macclesfield to come after Saturday, three points are desperately needed.

Elsewhere the fixtures don’t look too bad for Mansfield. And let’s assume Stags are going to do the business and take al three points.

Accrington have every chance of beating Dagenham and Redbridge at home. That would pretty much make Accrington safe but leave the Daggers only two points ahead of Stags (if they win) with a game in hand for Mansfield and that final game between the clubs in London to come.

Bury could edge a 1-0 over a Notts County side that don’t score or concede many goals (one of each in six games) and Shrewsbury will probably still be left sweating on their safety after an expected defeat at Chesterfield.

Promotion-chasing Hereford should see off visiting strugglers Chester City and, if rumours are true, Chester are also under the threat of administration.

This threat is being whispered about on web sites but I can’t find anything solid anywhere on it so it may just be wishful thinking from relegation rivals, but you never know.

Finally bottom club Wrexham are at home to Macclesfield and I would take a draw there to keep both sides in the mire.

I can barely stand the tension right now. I can hardly think of anything else day or night than getting those points and achieving safety.

Paul Holland can have the manager’s job, the keys to the town hall and the right to ride a goat and herd sheep through the market place forever more as far as I am concerned if he keeps the club up.

With the takeover farce grabbing all the headlines, it is amazing what he has managed to achieve despite the distractions.

We should all be talking about the relegation battle and not Sky TV football soap operas (Has anyone actually watched Dream Team? I have asked around and can’t find anyone, though I am sure it was popular).

Maybe by the time we travel to Stockport, John Batchelor will have got the message that, no matter which way he tries to dress up his involvement, the Stags fans have said he is not welcome and will not back him.

And whether it’s James Derry and a new band of merry men or Mansfield District Council, Let’s hope there is someone waiting just over the hill on a white charger that is going to gallop forward and sort something out very soon.

Congratulations to the extra Stags fans who have turned out at the last three games and got behind the team so well.

Whatever everyone’s stance against Keith Haslam, the club is always going to be bigger than the present owner, manager or players. The only constants are the club and its fans and keeping the Stags in the League is the only goal right now. The rest can be dealt with later.

Even Keith Haslam’s arrival in the directors’ box did not distract Tuesday night’s crowd from their task of getting behind their side.

Doubtless the war against the present owner will continue. But there are times and places for battles within wars and now is not one of them.

Now is a time to give your everything to the players who are certainly giving their everything right now.

Let’s hope we see another rise in numbers through the gate on Saturday.

If we earn a penalty against Barnet it will be interesting to see who takes it.

Mickey Boulding is the established spot kick expert. But Jefferson Louis insisted on taking the kick against Wrexham on Tuesday and coolly found the net.

The pressure on him for that kick was immense and it provided the breakthrough in the biggest must-win game the club has ever known.

What a rush to see it hit the net! I might have kissed him if I had been close enough – thankfully I wasn’t (I was never confused as Al Murray would say)!

If Jefferson told me he was taking the next penalty I would not argue with him, If he told me red was green I would not argue with him. He is a big lad!

But if he can score one or two more goals of such magnitude they may measure him up for a statue alongside the Sir Paul Holland OBE one that will doubtless be erected at Field Mill if he can keep them up.

Keep everything crossed and let’s blast those Bees on Saturday.


2 Responses to “Blasting Bees, kissing Jefferson and planning statues”

  1. adam reid Says:

    I used to watch dream team about 4 years ago maybe longer now it was a good tv program at that time then it started to get boring and i stopped watching it. However itself and mansfield do have alot of similair bad luck except for harchester have murders, crashes, the footballs have good looking wifes.

  2. staginnorfolk Says:

    chester going into admin would not help as 10 point deduction deferred until next season

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