More PR suicide, but be there this Saturday


It seemed almost inevitable in a season of PR suicide and cock-ups that, given an allocations of tickets for the last, crucial deciding game of the season, Mansfield Town would go ahead and score yet another own goal.

To give season ticket holders two each but go back on a blatently obvious agreement with the SSA stinks big time as does the lack of thought on who may need the small number of seats available.

Just when you think this club cannot upset its long-suffering fans much more it sticks out another size 10 boot and puts its foot firmly in it.

Without a doubt anyone who stumps up for a season ticket is firmly entitled to first dibs on any big game ticket.

However, not everyone can afford to shell out all at once for their season’s football entertainment, but were assured by the club that they would be next in line if they joined the SSA – an organisation which has kindly funded the football club’s magnificent training facilities for them this season.

But, come the crunch, the club decided to give season ticket holders two tickets each and then put the rest (if there are any) on general sale. Thanks SSA for your support! Incredible.

After having a go at the club, it’s time to have a pop at the stayaways while I am seething.

I don’t care how big your grievance with Keith Haslam/Stephen Booth – there was simply no excuse for the pitiful size of last Saturday’s crowd for the crucial game against Shrewsbury.

I fully respect those who have chosen to go to away games all season only to make a point.

But the club is clinging to its League status by its fingertips and for less than 2,900 home fans to turn out last week suggests less of you care about its survival than we thought.

Understand this. Mansfield Town Football Club is the club you profess to support. They are in BIG trouble right now.

So if you only go to one game while Haslam/Booth are still there, make it THIS Saturday.

Mansfield Town Fotball Club is what is important here. Not politics or long-standing grievances.

The club was there before Keith Haslam, Stephen Booth, the current manager and the current players and will be there long after they have all departed.

But whether or not it is in the Football League can be helped by you this weekend.

I truly believe that if we can beat Rotherham at home this Saturday we will probably have done enough to stay up – win, lose or draw at Dagenham.

Obviously other results have to go our way and I think they largely will.

For those who stayed away last Saturday, thankfully each of the fans who did turn out made enough noise for two and provided a fantastic backing in a thrilling game that reminded you why you ever loved the sport.

Now is you chance to play your part. Get down there this Saturday and scream yourself hoarse.

You don’t want to struggle to answer your child’s question of ‘Daddy, what did you did in the Great Escape?’ in years to come do you?

Let’s give the lads every chance to win this one in an intimidating electric home atmosphere that will hopefully turn the following weekend’s day out in London into  less of a do-or-die situation.

In Leicester they have been arguing over whether to erect a statue of Ghandi or Gary Lineker.

If we stay up the argument will be over statues of Paul Holland or Mickey Boulding.

See you there on Saturday.


2 Responses to “More PR suicide, but be there this Saturday”

  1. Stag 861 Says:

    I think that the club / SSA should have given out vouchers at the away games. Let those who have travelled hundreds of miles this season be the ones who get the tickets.
    I’m lucky that my brother (season ticket & SSA member) got me a ticket (SSA member) but our third “old bloke”, also a SSA member will not be going although he’s prepared to queue at 07:00 next week if any tickets are left.
    If you are going to erect a staue the Great Escape group should be used – this is a team effort.

  2. stagbol Says:

    well said John… i am also of the opinion that we had all agreed to support the club no matter what, until the final two games are out of the way. The players need every inch of positive support they can grab before they venture out onto the field, a view obviously not shared by a few glory hunters.I was very disappointed to read the contraversial letter in the Chad from Jeff Barnes apportioning blame…he is probably entitled to his opinion, but for gods sake jeff, NOT NOW…May 4th will be ideal. This Saturday could be our last home league game ever, if the best we can do is slag the management off. Two words spring to mind..GROW UP..!

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