Field Mill – The Land Where Time Stood Still

Field Mill has turned into The Land Where Time Stood Still.
What had become a total farce has now turned into something completely surreal and incomprehensible.
While the rest of the football world goes about its business of preparing for next season and fans start to dream, Stags’ long-suffering supporters remain in a time rift where the club has turned into one giant stone statue.
Nothing seems to be happening at all apart from the new grass slowly growing on the pitch. Whether it will ever be used by footballers is anyone’s guess.
I have never, ever seen anything like this in my life (and hope I never do again). It truly makes you want to scream: ‘SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING’.
As every day goes by and other clubs acquire players, Paul Holland can only sit and watch. Like him or not (I do), this bloke has always given his lot for the football club he loves and he is in as much agony as the rest of us in this whole disgraceful mess.
Stephen Booth was appointed as the man to broker a deal and admitted at the time he knew nothing about football.
Now, as we rattle through June without a new owner, an appointed manager, players, season ticket details, plans, he simply tells us all ‘no comment’ and mutters about confidentiality agreements.
Not to worry, we will get it all sorted by the end of the year maybe. Or early next year.
Football is NOT like any other business. This time of year is crucial and Stags are already handicapped well behind the start line. Surely he realised this?
Mr Booth is coming in for much stick and, possibly, deservedly so to an extent. Chairman and Mayor, Tony Egginton is also under fire for helplessly repeating the phrase: ‘I feel we are very close to a deal now’ incessantly for weeks on end.
But maybe fans should be saving their wrath for our esteemed owner Keith Haslam who we are told is a nightmare to deal.
He is also saying nothing and does not appear to want to sort out the future of a club he claims to care about with any sort of urgency or transparency.
The good people of this town have (unwillingly and unwittingly) made him a very rich man through their football club (yes, this club does belong to the people whatever it says on the deeds) and it seems too much to ask of him that he shows them some semblance of respect by telling them what is happening either through us at the Chad or through the club’s own web site.
While completely backing the newly-formed fans’ group SFU and their boycott calls, I am very worried for the fantastic people employed by the club who must be wondering where their wages will come from in the near future if something is not sorted.
Suggestions to call off the boycott and ‘ring-fence’ incoming money away from Haslam is absolute nonsense.
Last time the town was told he was nothing to do with the club anymore, was no longer drawing a salary and any money coming in would be kept away from him, what happened?
We find in retrospect that he was (unbelievably) given a ‘severance payment’. And then (even more unbelievably) decided he wanted to return to the club after all. Did he pay it back? Has he still not had a penny since the first ‘ring fence’ promise?
Once bitten, Stags fans will not be fooled again.
The real time for change was mid-season when it seemed as if James Derry had completed a takeover deal. That time has long since passed.
Now relegated and seemingly spluttering its last breaths, no one is interested in Mansfield Town’s season ticket prices, fixture lists, pre-season friendlies, even players.
All Stags fans want is to hear of a sale and the possibility of a future at a club that so many have invested so much time and money in over so many years.

4 Responses to “Field Mill – The Land Where Time Stood Still”

  1. a long time stags fan Says:

    I certainly ecco all John’s comments, however lets all make no mistake about the facts, in order that the same is not allowed to happen again, once the present problems are sorted. Keith Haslem could be blamed for insuficient reinvestment, that may have enabled us to get up to Division 1(maybe beyond). But the “boo” boys, the chanters, the “boycot the place” advocats that last season completely destroyed team maral, atmosphere at games and eventualy the very fabric of the club. These people must without a shadow of dought take a great deal of responsibility for the team’s demise to Blue Square Premier. That level of anarchy is never without cost.

  2. Alan Lakin Says:

    I’m not surprised the previous commentator does not want his name made public. What a blinkered self contrived view of last seasons debacle at Field Mill. There is only one person to blame as John rightly says. Don’t lay the blame at the door of supporters who are doing only what they feel will force change at the club they love.

  3. pete waby Says:

    I am praying that little ol Mansfield Town is not terminal and that a new owner is soon found.

    Make no mistake the Calver cowboy is soley to blame, and once he has disappeared to wherever, he should be banned by the FA from ever touching a football club.

  4. Save Children Says:

    Save Children…

    […]Field Mill – The Land Where Time Stood Still « Mansfield Town FC Blog[…]…

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