Here it is!


Well, here it is!

After much worrying, tears, delight, excitement – every emotion going really – the football season is here and Stags are in the Blue Square Premier.

It is still a difficult one to get the head around and probably will be for a while.
The results will be on the radio on Saturday tea time – but where are the Stags?

The ITV goals round-up – where are the Stags?

The answer is – they are down but not out. Gone for the moment but far from  forgoten.

For every one of you who goes to Ebbsfleet on Saturday, get behind them and let the new team, the new manager and the new owners that you are 100 per cent behind them and what they are trying to do.

Apologies to the chap who rang me up to call me pathetic before hanging up on me this morning as I had not published directions to Ebbsfleet in this week’s Chad. Welcome to non-League mate – buy yourself a TomTom or an AA road map.

Unfortunately for me I am away this weekend – had it booked nearly a year ago – and will miss the big kick-off.

In fact I am currently only scheduled to miss two games on dates long pre-booked – and both have turned into long haul away game days! But it was never deliberate.

So I will be relying on texts from friends as I doubt Five Live will be keeping me informed of the Stags’ progress.

But I will be back for the home game with Histon on Tuesday. That will be an interesting one to see what sort of crowd we get.

All those stay-aways who boycotted against Keith Haslam will presumably be back in Field Mill and we can put the fear of god into Histon. Let’s hope so anyway.
It will not be long before you can feel that chill in the air and the Bovril stalls will be doing a roaring trade.

Whatever this season brings I am just happy we still have a club and anything else will be a bonus.

Bily McEwan’s track record suggests he can bring success back here given time.
Even Alex Ferguson would struggle to conjure up a gelling squad out of thin air on next to no money.

But everyone I have spoken to is buzzing with excitement and can’t wait.

So let’s enjoy and see what happens. Here we go . . .


2 Responses to “Here it is!”

  1. Maggie Brook Says:

    Come on you Yellows!
    From Maggie in Florida

  2. GYPO Says:

    I was really chuffed for Stags, to have lost yesterday would have bought all those familiar feeling back.

    I know one swallow not empty a pint but, let’s hope they can do well now that the thing has gone!!

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