Beware the thoughtcrime police!


Despite two cup exits inside a week, I still feel much happier about our prospects than I did two weeks ago.

Losing is a habit we are trying to break, so two more defeats are not helpful. But at York and at Chesterfield I felt there were definite signs of recovery after the recent lean spell.

I see no reason why we can’t get our league season back on track at home to Salisbury City this Saturday and start climbing a ‘snake’ again after sliding so quickly down a ‘ladder’ greased by the points deduction decision.

Let’s remember York needed a stoppage time goal to stop us knocking them out of the Setanta Shield – and we made life very uncomfortable for League Two neighbours Chesterfield and did not buckle under when we might have done.

Anyone who thought we would go there and win needs to examine the facts. It would have been a major FA Cup upset. I was more worried we would come away after suffering a real ‘tonking’ to be honest and was proud how well the lads fought for the badge.

To those who left before the hour mark – why? Did you just go outside looking for a fight – or did you leave because we were 3-0 down and you had given up?

Either way it’s ludicrous to me to pay out all that money to go to a football match and only watch two thirds of it. You must have more money than sense and I suggest you find a different hobby.

But I found it incredible that the Police commandeered the Mansfield Town VIP luxury coach to round up and send back what they felt was a hooligan element all the way to Mansfield in style.

I didn’t see what they were doing and maybe I am doing the Force a disservice here. But if there were no bricks or fists flying, wasn’t it a huge over-reaction to do what they did? It was a huge step to take.

If someone stands near my house looking aggressive and I rang the police I am sure they would say that until the person had actually committed a crime they would not come out.

Why let these ‘fans’ out of the ground if there might be a problem? Many got held in at the end, why not these too?

Those fine folk who had all paid out £40 each for their VIP Stags day out had it ruined by the ‘potential’ actions of others rather than an actual riot when you could see why it would be done.

It’s rather like the stupid suggestion that the vast law-abiding majority should have to pay more for their alcohol as young people ‘may’ buy it and cause trouble.

If someone is a moron and likes to fight after they’ve had a drink then they will do it whatever – and they will find and drink alcohol whatever too.

So the rest of us who work hard all work and want to relax with some beer at the weekend – and would never dream of causing problems – have to suffer due to a few people’s potential actions then do we?

Surely those who do wrong should be punished in the law courts and the rest of us left to get on with our peaceful lives?

One suggestion on the talk of new alcohol legislation is that as the Government have raised their tax on alcohol in pubs to such disgraceful and ridiculous levels, people would rather go to Asda and get some cheap cans to drink before they go out and so the Government is missing out. Who knows?

Whatever, let’s get back to the premise of people being innocent until they actually step out of line. Or we will veer towards the dreaded ‘Thought Crime Police’ scenario of Orwell’s 1984.

But I digress  . . . . Saturday’s visit of Salisbury is shaping up to be a very big game.

We have already beaten them away, need to end a five-game league losing streak and are at home after some decent away showings.

The same applies here over guilt and innocence. Let’s not boo or get on the players’ backs at half-time. Let’s give them the full 90 minutes and stick behind them.

Anything less than 100 per cent commitment and let them know how you feel at the end by all means.

But I reckon with everyone’s noisy backing we can see off Salisbury and get back to winning ways.

It’s a real shame the Altrincham game is off on Tuesday as I really felt we had a chance of six points and a chance to turn the season back around. Typical of our recent luck. But one step at a time and Salisbury are first in our sights.


2 Responses to “Beware the thoughtcrime police!”

  1. North East Stag Says:

    You are right John, you are doing the police force a disservice by your comments on the “coach incident”. The police have a statutory duty to protect the general public by taking action to prevent the outbreak of disorder. In this case the decision was taken to remove these people before they had the chance to commit any crime. Surely you subscribe to the doctorine that “prevention is better than cure”? Oh, and by the way, if someone stands outside your house looking aggressive such that you feel threatened enough to call the police you can be rest assured that they will act as this person may be guilty of causing you harassment, alarm or distress. The police are paid by us all to protect us all. Just give ’em a chance.

  2. greggyeggy Says:

    Yes, hte Stags are going through a poor patch. The most important point now is that Billy Mac came in with nothing. He has built up this side with whatever he could get quickly. He has done a fantastic job. We have to keep off his back in particular and off the backs of players who are young and low in confidence. To lose a manager of Billy Macs stature would give us a local derby with Hucknall next season.


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