Don’t panic Mr Mannering!!


IT is very hard not to feel panic when you look at the current BSP table, whatever Billy McEwan says.

But, at the same time, I think we’ve seen enough in recent games to suggest Stags are better than the position suggests (at least four points better that I know of). And we are not even halfway through the season yet.

Some are shouting for McEwan to go already. But what would that solve?

Whoever comes in will also be hamstrung by the transfer window and be forced to work with the current squad which contains a lot of talent but, as a whole, is clearly not up to the job at the moment without some help.

When McEwan came in and took over he had to bring in all the waifs and strays that no one else wanted and try to fashion them into a team.

He has been around long enough to know which of his current staff he can bring on and which of them are going nowhere – and one assumes he already has a wanted list for January longer than my arm.

McEwan believes he is on a three-year rebuilding plan at Field Mil while some fans think the job should be done after four months. Maybe somehere is the middle is a little more realistic.

Let’s be honest, it is going to be the summer before McEwan gets a real chance to put together a squad of players that HE wants and get proper pre-season fitness behind them.

But he will at least have a chance to shuffle his pack a bit in January and bring in some new faces to ease the Stags away from trouble.

Those fans who are barking about why we shouldn’t be at the wrong end of the Conference as we are a ‘League club’ need to get real.

Where we are now is the legacy of the past regime which WAS a League club.

But when the club was sold at the 11th hour and new owners new manager and new players put in place, it was the end of Mansfield Town Football Club – the League club. Full stop.

The League players left and Conference players were brought in. A tight budget was put in place.

The new owners never promised to inject millions into Mansfield Town. They promised, as fans, to provide the finance to take over and get rid of Keith Haslam as fans were begging.

They wanted to give the club back to the people of Mansfield.

But from that point onwards it was always going to be up to the fans to come back, sponsors to come back, and finance to be self-generating.

It looked to be working for a time but, sadly, a few bad results and some fans are staying away. So much for sticking behind your team through thick and thin!

This season they need you more than ever. It is year zero at Field Mill and the new club will sink or swim.

No one is saying the football has been wonderful through the sticky patch (though it’s been much better since Adnan Ahmed came into the side) or that the results will attract the floating fans.

But let’s judge Billy McEwan’s signings and managerial abilities a bit more come February or March.

If Stags continue to play like they did at Forest Green between now and April they will win many more than they lose.

Sadly, instead of a home match to get a confidence-boosting win behind them, it’s buckets and spades out again and another long, long haul down to the south coast this weekend.

Weymouth, I am told, is a miserable place in winter. But Stags could put a smile on a lot of faces down there if they could produce away win number two.

Hopefully by the time January arrives we will have pushed up the table a bit.

But, if not, then let’s see what the board and Billy can conjure up in the transfer deadline which will be the next major step in rebuilding Mansfield Town Football Club.


2 Responses to “Don’t panic Mr Mannering!!”

  1. greg zielinski Says:

    Stags are a blue Square team, but the spectators are FOOTBALL spectators. Why can we not have the the full half times read out at Field Mill. Even in Coca Cola league Two it was “these are the results we have”
    Don’t we have aT.V. with all the half times on ceefax?
    Come on Stags…think football..think of your customers!

  2. George Says:

    I know that you have to work with the people at the club but your default position is one of positivity. I always read your blogs and enjoy them greatly and do feel that you always provide the balance to we rabid football supporters. However, there has to be a time when you actaully have to call for changes to be made at the club.
    You say that if we continue to play as we did at Forest Green then we will be alright. When was the last time that MTFC strung together four consistently good performances (not four wins but four good performances)?

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