Is ‘crisis’ too strong a word?


I’ve only ever been to Kidderminster’s tidy little ground twice . . . and both times I have left bitterly disappointed after a 2-0 defeat. The first occasion was at the climax of the 2003-04 season. I entered the town as a Huddersfield Town fan with high hopes – but I left close to tears.

And last night was no better, as faltering Stags turned in another poor performance on the road. It was in fact woeful for the small band of Stags fans and media who braved the freezing cold and late night to see the latest heartbreaking defeat.

This season I’ve had the pleasure of covering Stags four times . . .  and I have yet to see them play well. Last night Mansfield sadly looked like nothing more than a struggling team drifting to the lowly depths of Blue Square League football.  They looked toothless up front, and lacking any creativity in midfield. In short, they barely looked like winning the game or even scoring. Sadly all they seemed capable of doing was hanging on until the bitter end for a 0-0 bore-draw.

Why the season has gone so badly wrong at Field Mill is perhaps open to debate. Is it Billy McEwan’s fault? Or is he doing a valiant job under extremely difficult circumstances? Perhaps the off-field takeover has destabilised the club, but one thing not up for debate is that Stags are at an all-time low. Perhaps crisis may be too strong a word, but by now it is not far short of that.

Unless the new owners make funds immediately available, whether in the form of wages or transfer fees for the upcoming january transfer window, then nothing will change on the field. And sadly if there are no changes, I can see nothing ahead but an aimless season in which Stags escape a second successive relegation by the skin of their teeth.

(Stephen Thirkill is standing in for John Lomas)


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One Response to “Is ‘crisis’ too strong a word?”

  1. Thomas Rooney Says:

    Crisis isn’t too strong a word. When has it ever been worse?

    Excellent site by the way – would you be able to email me when you get a chance?



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