Never believe a weather forecaster!


NEVER ever trust a weather forecaster.

They smile at you nicely on the television (I can still remember that Ulrika grin as if it were yesterday and tell you what will happen.

But by that night or the following day it’s all changed. Yes, they guess and they lie!

Long term and ever shorter term forcecasts last weekend suggested David Holdsworth would finally get his first taste of match action as the new Mansfield Town manager.

But someone in Shirebrook must have opened a fridge door or something as an unexpected Arctic blast engulfed Field Mill at the last mninute and we saw the visit of Altrincham postponed yet again.

So now we have had to wait another agonising week for our footy fix.

I quickly scanned the papers for alternative games to watch last weekend but as quickly as I found another possible destination they also fell foul of the weather.

In the end I just had to give up and accept my fate as I headed with my wife to spend a few hours at the mother-in-law’s house – ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON!

Some things should remain sacred!

Now all we can do is keep our fingers crossed that this week’s mixture of heavy rain and freezing cold nights doesn’t extend what will already be a 19-day gap between games.

We should be welcoming Steve Evans and his Crawley side who will be smarting from their four point BSP deduction this week for playing an ineligible player.

Let’s not forget we were top of the table when we visited Crawley earlier in the season only to lose the four points and see ourselves slide down the table.

After nine unbeaten games, let’s hope their deduction affects Crawley on Saturday though their 5-0 away thrashing of Cambridge on Wednesday night suggests they may be using it as a positive.

And if the weather does affect this one and we face another blank Saturday I am going to sneak out the house and spend the afternoon looking at an empty stadium, claiming it went ahead!

Once this is out of the way, it’s time to pack Speedos, sunblock, buckets and spades once more and head for that south coast yet again the following weekend.

More on that next week!

Here’s to a winning start for Mr Holdsworth!


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