Can Holdsworth’s honeymoon continue on Valentine’s Day?


New Stags boss David Holdsworth is enjoying an extended honeymoon and a lot of love from the fans.

 But there is little chance Cambridge boss Gary Brabin will be offering him flowers and chocolates on St Valentine’s Day at the Abbey Stadium this Saturday!

With United flying high, anything Stags earn will have to be earned the hard way – and their task has been made even more difficult by the loss of the suspended Scott Garner who has been such a rock at the back.

Mansfield Town face possibly their most testing afternoon to date under Holdsworth – and we all know runs have to end sometime.

But this is a feeling we had before the home games with Crawley and York and the away trip to Eastbourne – and those games produced nine points.

So maybe we just have to learn to have a little more faith. It is snowing now as I pen these words so God knows what faces us in the wilds of Cambridgshire on Saturday. But I was grateful to see the trip down there for the Histon game postponed on Tuesday.

With their route one football, it wasn’t somewhere I fancied going without Scott Garner.

And, to be honest, I still hadn’t thawed out from Field Mill on Saturday.

We know the game down there is going to be unpleasant and necl-stretching in the extreme so the last thing we need is Arctic conditions too.

But we are slowly building up a genuine fixture backlog just like the good old days.

Could be worse, though, we could be Kettering, Wrexham or Histon! Much more of this weather and they will be playing three times a week towards the end of the season.

Hopefully we will get another good following heading down the A1 to play their part on Saturday – Gents, don’t be told Valentine’s Day is more important.

There are plenty of nice places to eat in the lovely town of Cambridge and surely she should want to do things with you as much as you her.

So 90 minutes watching Stags win together and a nice meal could make a lovely day out.

But make sure you tell her you are going to take her to the romantically-named Abbey Stadium and not its current real name of the Trade Recruitment Stadium – that would kill all notions of romance dead.

Talking of supporters – a huge well done to all of you who cleared that snow off the pitch last weekend.

It sounds like it was damned hard work, though if the club had said in advance that the food on offer would be bacon butties plus pie and peas it may have got a few more of us to abandon our lie-ins! Still some fans persist in talking of possible play-offs.

 If we have six more points by this time next week I might be tempted to join the speculation.

Here’s dreaming of an extended honeymoon in romantic Cambridge with David Holdsworth! Easy girls!


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