Let’s fill the Mill for Easter


After the poor midweek attendance at Field Mill I would guess Stags are hoping it was due to people saving their money for Saturday to watch the home clash with Barrow.

The weather is due to pick up, the price of chocolate eggs will be coming down and Stags will hopefully turn on another display as entertaining as the one against Ebbsfleet.

 I know the previous two away games were a huge disappointment. But, let’s be honest, few sides are going to leave Histon or Wrexham with victories and all they did was underline where David Holdsworth needs to strengthen in the summer.

We know this side is not the finished article that the manager has in his mind.

We also know that there are just three home games left and three chances to put a few quid into the Field Mill coffers to pay the office staff, players and bills over what will be very tight summer months.

 If, after Wrexham, you decided to stay away on Tuesday in protest then you missed a treat and hopefully you will be back on Saturday.

If it’s a financial issue fair enough – times have rarely been as hard.

If, on the other hand, you will now stay away until they start looking the part next season then yah, boo, sucks! We will let you know when the glory bandwagon is ready to depart.

The debuts of Daryl Clare and Oliver Hotchkiss plus the home debut of Gianluca Havern were a delight to watch as was the way Clare and a revitalised Rob Duffy combined.

We also had the best game so far in a Stags shirt from Louis Briscoe who scored once and could have had five while Curtis Woodhouse was outstanding at left back.

Fans called for someone to buy out Keith Haslam and it was done, fans called out for a better keeper and Daryl Clare to be signed and they were signed, fans called out for cheaper admission – they can get in for £7.60 a game next season if they join the new season ticket deal and they called for better PR and the club are now very open and honest and have even thrown a training session open to kids during the school holiday next week.

They are bending over so far backwards to please the town that Stags are in danger of slipping a disc!

At home since New Year’s Day they are unbeaten in all eight games and have conceded just one goal.

After a rollercoaster season there is still the chance and the aim of a top 10 finish to sound a warning to the rest of the league.

 How good would it be to see over 3,000 make an Easter pilgrimage to the Mill this Saturday to get behind them and show this town does want a football club.


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