Last chance saloon this weekend!


Hopefully you have now bought your Stags season ticket and can’t wait for the new season to start.

But for those still intending to buy one, this weekend represents last chance saloon.

Last orders on the £195 deal will be called at 4pm this Sunday and after that it’s up to £300 smackers.

It’s no use turning up on Monday with some sob story – the club and the Chad have been banging on about it for weeks and weeks and everyone has had adequate chance to take advantage of a fantastic offer.

There has to be a cut off point so the Three Amigos can sit down and work out their exact budget.

Although they may or may not sell a few more tickets at the higher price and will still get fluctuating numbers on the gate, the money from these tickets is guaranteed money and is all they can realistically base their immediate plans upon.

Anything else is a bonus as they push to get the side out of the BSP.

Luke Graham, Daryl Clare, Tim Sandercombe and Gary Mills all look good additons this week and the squad is quickly taking shape.

The new owners are doing all in their power to give this club a chance to get back into the Football League and restore some pride to the town and give the football club back to its people.

Still there are people who won’t come back, even though Keith Haslam is history.

There are some saying they won’t return as Haslam is still the landlord and gets some of their money and others who won’t go as Steve Hymas is being allowed to put money in after his altercation with Haslam on the last home game of last season.

Well a lot of people don’t like their landlords but pay them regular money as it is a neccessity of life.

And as for Hymas. Well he did the crime and paid his price. Time to move on.

You can’t hold grudges with people forever. Do you know for certain that no one else putting any sort of money into the club has a criminal record of any sort? Bear in mind that includes everyone including matchday sponsors, matchball sponsors, kit sponsors, player sponsors, advertising boards, mascot packages.

It is just that his was very public. But if this town ever needed its football supporters fully united it’s next season.

With a season of learning under their belts for the new owners, a cracking manager, a promising squad and twice as many people likely to be at home games, there is a momentum building that you can feel.

 I can’t wait until the fixtures list comes out on 3rd July!


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