Seats row mars optimistic build-up!


THE arrival of the season’s fixtures this week seem to have suddenly brought the start of the new campaign much closer.

All of a sudden Stags fans know where they are going to be for the next nine months.

With 11 new players and increased crowds the excitement is now building.

I don’t think the fixture list has been terribly kind to us sending us hundreds of miles to Barrow and Gateshead on Tuesday nights.

Any hopes of a nice stopover in the Lake District or Newcastle quickly vanished. But with the loss of Setanta, maybe we will see less games shuffled.

 But it may be hoping too much that with the death of Setanta the BSP allow the dreadful Setanta Shield competition to die with them!

Looking at the Christmas/New Year fixtures it would seem last season’s regular sparring partners York City are now are ‘local derby’ opponents.

The first three games will give us a very good indication as to how the season may unfold.

Crawley will be tough opening day home opponents and within four days we will get the chance to see if Luton are likely to storm back towards the league or struggle to settle into life post-League.

Then Salisbury is a long old trip to give an early test to players and supporters’ coach-legs.

Sadly what seemd to have been the most positive build-up to any campaign I can remember this week has been rocked by a section of fans furious they may have to sit in a different seat to help save money on stewarding. By closing sections of the stands, Stags can cut back on stewards and save £25,000.

In the current climate it seems perfectly sensible to me and those moaning just because they have to shuffle up a few seats would probably moan whatever (as some Stags fans are apt to).

The ones who are expressing worries about bringing in friends and children concern me more as they may have a valid point.

Though I am not sure why it changes just because you have had to move along the row.

 Let’s be honest, in a 10,000-seater stadium we are not usually too pushed for space are we? But rest assured we will run all potentials problems past the chairman before next week’s Chad comes out.

Let me know what you want us to ask if you fail to get the answers you want yourselves. All any of us want is to see the club do well and get back in the League.

And if that £25,000 provides the money for a player that helps us get there then most fans would not mind too much where they sat.  Don’t you agree?

We all await next week’s AGM with interest as the club will reveal the finances to the end of April 2008 – that means we will know some of the state it was left in by the previous owner before the ‘Three Amigos’ took over.

 In the mean time let’s sit and watch England teach the Aussies some cricketing lesson.


One Response to “Seats row mars optimistic build-up!”

  1. Steve Gilbert Says:

    I have a designated seat but if I go along with others and there is no free seat next to mine I simply sit somewhre else. There s usually room!

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