It’s here at last!!!!!


All the weeks of speculation and intrigue are over and we are finally ready to start the new football season this Saturday.

So time is running out to pop a cheeky tenner on the Stags for promotion before they thump the lovely Steve Evans’ ‘creepy Crawleys’ on Saturday and then give cocky Luton Town a rude home welcome to the BSP at Kenilworth Road on Tuesday night.

Six points from those and your odds will drop quickly at the bookies. So do it now!

To be fair, six points to head to Salisbury with next week would be a dream start, but it’s not beyond what looks to be a very capable set of players assembled this summer by David Holdsworth.

Seeing some of them close up at the training ground for the first time yesterday I must admit I was struggling to recognise some of them. And, being a short***e I was dwarfed by many of them.

For once we look like we might be a threat at set pieces and also able to defend them at the other end.

Although most of us can hazard a decent guess as to the starting XI, we could also name decent competition for every one of those places which hasn’t been the case for a while.

New skipper Gary Mills told me on my video interview with him yesterday that no one was going to start talking about promotion and success, but he added that there were very few players elsewhere in the division he would swap for the ones in the current dressing room and you can tell they are all quietly confident of making a splash this season.

Me too. I fully expect us to beat Crawley on Saturday, maybe 2-0, with a great atmosphere at the Mill. Then we face the first of two away trips inside five days.

I am not looking forward to the Luton trip on Tuesday as the parking is a way from the ground and it a real dump round there. Last time I walked down the main street towards the ground there was a discarded sofa and a discarded washing machine sitting in the middle of the pavement. Disgraceful.

This may be a good time to face the Hatters as they attempt to find their feet at home after the culture shock of their opening day trip to AFC Wimbledon where I feel they will have gained something.

Then it’s on to Salisbury where David Holdsworth had better make sure he wears the right gear (Billy McEwan last year claimed he had been ‘snitched on’ for not wearing the correct sponsors’ shirt down there).

So here begins another nine months of ups and downs, travels, arguments, frustrations, elation, real ale pubs, and football. Bring it on . . . .


3 Responses to “It’s here at last!!!!!”

  1. rev michael whawell Says:

    Dear John,
    Gosh! we used to talk about those letters which began thus when I was in the army. As you say, here we go again; for me it is probaly the 63rd time of asking. My grand-dad first took me to Field Mill – Denis Wright my hero – I always stood behind his goal. We lived in Lichfield Avenue; I was at King Edward’s school and was also a choirboy at St Marks, almost part of the ground.
    So, the agony and the ecstacy begin again, usually the former. It has been thus for many years, has it not?
    All the very best; thanks for your comments. Much enjoyed. Michael

  2. ray sansom Says:

    Hi to you , enjoy your blog and your look at Mansfield,I left there 32 years a go to be an American, dont hold it against me ok, I have missed hearing the sounds of the game as I grew up on Central Ave, last game I saw was Mansfield at home to Stoke City, We were up they were down , invaded the pitch they did and split the North Stand, keep bloging and I’ll keep reading thank you

  3. Maggie Brook Says:

    Let’s do it Stags, for my Dad, former mayor of Mansfield, who passed away last year before the Stags saddest day – he would have hated it!
    I have lived in USA for 22 years but am still a true “Yellow”. Early memories include Jimmy McCaffrey on wing, Rod Arnold, Stuart Boam, and the FA Cup runs – West Ham 3-0, travelling to Leeds when they were great (Clarky, Hunter etc.) Happy memories with all the family 🙂

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