Striker dilemma for David


Hand’s up who can’t wait for 3pm on Saturday either?


It’s been a while since the buzz of a Stags game felt like this and, call me over-optimistic (or what you like), I can see us scoring another three or four goals against Ebbsfleet this weekend.


It’s a tough call for Liam Daish. He desperately needs to chalk up his first win of the new campaign at the fifth attempt. But at the same time he knows Stags have not lost at home since last year and have scored eight times in the two homes so far.


So he knows they cannot afford to come here all guns blazing and leaving room for the like of Ryan Williams and Louis Briscoe to take advantage.


I think they will sit back for a while and keep things tight before weighing up what to do to achieve that elusive first win.


One thing I can’t see them doing is hampering their chances by playing the bully boys like Barrow’s bruisers did on Tuesday night.


Be tough and rugged by all means but for the second successive season their methods at Field Mill owed more to ice hockey and rugby than football and it is only a surprise that they ended up with just one red and seven yellow cards.


To be within a goal of your opposition with just 12 minutes left and then give away two soft penalty kicks is not much cleverer either.


With regular taker Rob Duffy susbtituted, both kicks were given to Daryl Clare and I knew before he took them that both would hit the net, even despite Barrow’s petty gamesmanship in delaying the first one.


Clare deserves a start for the hard work he has done on his fitness this summer and the impact he made in both games so far. But who would you drop?


Granted Duffy didn’t have his most productive of games at Salisbury but I thought times on Tuesday he was our best player in the first half, getting among the rugged Barrow defenders.


And Kyle Perry has been a revelation since he came here and has already bagged three goals. And let’s not forget the pace of Jake Speight who is desperate not be branded a supersub this season, having already notched twice.


It’s a fantastic headache for bos David Holdsworth to deal with and one that I would not want to have to make a decision on.


Usually a side with four first class strikers will have two or three on form. But all four Stags’ front men are scoring goals and full of confidence.


Whichever pairing he puts out, I think all four will see action at some stage on Saturday and I think another three points will come our way.


But, with all the top four at home, I can also see us stuck in fourth still on Saturday tea time too.


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