Another exciting week at the Mill


IT has been yet another exciting week at Field Mill with four more points and a cracking new signing in Blair Sturrock.

A superb battling win at Chester was followed by what will prove to be a point gained at home to a powerful Kettering side on Monday.

Coming so soon after the Chester trip, everyone did look a little tired on Monday and, with two rock solid defences on show, the 0-0 was a fair result on the day.

It wasn’t Rob Duffy’s day. He turned the game’s only ‘goal’ over the line with his hand and saw it ruled out and then saw his ‘winning goal’ at Chester passed on to Kyle Perry later on after the club had watched a DVD of the game.

But Stags remain second and few people saw the signing of Sturrock coming.

It was a stunning piece of business by David Holdsworth and the rest of the BSP must now take Mansfield’s title claims seriously.

I used to find some of the negativity among Stags fans astonishing, though sometimes understandable under the old regime. But the moaners seem to still be doing their thing, harping on about the lack of penetration against Kettering and the lack of use for Sturrock.

Maybe we will just have to accept things will never change with some folk, even if we marched on towards the Championship.

This Saturday it’s back to Grays Athletic where Aaron O’Connor was refused admission for absolutely no reson last season as part of the Essex club’s petty fueding over his move to Mansfield.

Maybe they will try to stop Blair Sturrock going in this time? Or top scorer Kyle Perry?

Whatever their ploy, Stags should still have enough to take at least a point and probably all three.

Kidderminster will be much tougher on Tuesday and a point there would be a good one.

Congratulations to the Stags Fans United and to Colin Dobell after their historic link up.

The SFU have bought £55,000 more shares in the Stags and in return have been awarded a supporter/director place on the board which the knowledgable Dobell will be taking up.

The new regime could do no more then they have to wipe away the misery of their predecessor’s reign and the feeling grows that this really could be a season to treasure.


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One Response to “Another exciting week at the Mill”

  1. Steve Says:

    C’mon man’, I miss your blog. I now live in South Africa in the middle of nowhere and have been a Stags fan for nearly 50Years. I found your site and use it to get good info. You are my contact. Please keep me up to date. Regards Steve

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