‘Horrible Histon’, juggling footballers and ‘size is not important’!


WITH ‘Aggro Altrincham’ sent home with their tails between their legs last weekend, it’s now time to sort out ‘Horrible Histon’ this weekend!

And Stags are far better equipped to deal with the visitors’ long ball game this season with the new personnel assembled by boss David Holdsworth.

The 3-0 away defeat to Histon was one of the lowest points of a miserable season last time around.

But on current form it’s hard to see Stags not extending this current rich vein of six win in seven games.
Having seen the video on our web site, Stags fans will doubtless be hoping to see new winger Craig Dobson parading more of the skills that made him Nike Freestyle Champion on Saturday.

His party piece is one where he catches the ball on the back of his neck, then races forward, backheeling the ball back over his head (and the advancing defence) with a burst of speed as they, in theory, stand baffled.

In reality, if he tried that against the Histon defence this Saturday, he could find himself halted unceremoniously.

But it is great to see Mansfield sign a player who is this comfortable on the ball and, as he gets more used to his new surrounds and team mates, he will hopefully provide us with some wonderful entertainment his season.

That could spell bad news for Louis Briscoe whose fall down his own stairs at home two weeks back could prove very costly as far as getting back into the side goes.

Matt Somner could find himself similarly sidelined after serving a one match ban this Saturday when a needless foul against Altrincham tipped him over the five cautions mark.

Steven Istead, Ollie Hotchkiss and Craig Armstrong will hope to take advantage and not look back – testament to the current strength of this squad.

Another three points will lead us very nicely into next week’s FA Cup clash at Forest Green Rovers where the only highlight last season was the sausage and mash in their clubhouse (don’t miss it).

On a sombre note, former Stags assistant boss John Jarman’s funeral takes place tomorrow (Friday).

His time with Stags was before I became involved with the club but he was a regular visitor to the offices here to see me in his later years and a lovely guy.

Also, for all those on Stagsnet moaning that the new Field Mill electronic scoreboard is too small, size is not important – so women say.

It’s more about how quick the ‘goals for’ next to the name of Mansfield clicks round.

Let’s hope it turns quickly this Saturday.


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