Slaughtering Lambs and I am the real Ryan Williams!


Saturday, 8th May is down as the final date for the FA Trophy at Wembley.

That seems a long way away right now in the cold, wet and fog of December.

But this competition is Stags’ biggest chance of a cup success and a return to Wembley.

In the FA Cup it was only ever a matter of getting as far as possible and making money before bowing out to a big club.

In the Trophy Stags ARE Manchester United. Stags ARE Chelsea. Stags ARE the big club that the minnow would like to beat.

If the draw is kind and we don’t end up away at sides like Oxford, Stevenage, Kettering and York then there is a great chance of having a look at England’s new national stadium (I still haven’t been there since it re-opened).

I am sure a lot of people will give Saturday’s game with Tamworth a miss as it is not on their season ticket and it is only round one.

But the club have done their bit by cutting admission prices and the side could do with your support.

Stags will also want to wipe away the frustration of the last four gams at Field Mill which haven’t gone to plan.

Grays’ butterfingered keeper Stuart Robinson looked a bag of nerves in the first half like he might throw one in last Saturday.

But he turned into Superman in the second half and I am convinced he suddenly grew a third arm that stuck up in the air as he dived to his right which kept out Rob Duffy’s penalty kick.

By the way, I would like to wish a Merry Christmas to the dear lady of advancing years who collared me on the stairs at Field Mill and chastised me for the team’s display in a previous game.

It took a few moments of looking at my mystified face before she said the immortal words: “You are Ryan Williams aren’t you?”

Now, despite my hopes of people confusing me for Tom Cruise or Bradd Pitt (although I genuinely have been mistaken for Andy Townsend and Tim Roth before), I never thought it would be Ryan that would be my next double.

Easy mistake to make I guess as, to be fair I am not bad on the wing still, but I am fractionally taller which she didn’t take into account.

I now have my Good Beer Guide out on the Wrexham section and am plotting destinations to celebrate an international victory next weekend.

But first it’s time for the Lambs to be brought to the Slaughter.

Keep 8th May free in your diary!


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