Angry fans, hurt players and top notch karaoke!


After the chorus of boos that greeted the players as they left the pitch after a fifth home match on the trot without victory last weekend, I am sure David Holdsworth’s men will be relieved to be away for the next two games.

Christmas may be just around the corner, but there was little festive cheer from the home fans after they had endured a match as exciting as Christmas lunch with the in-laws.

It’s a vicious circle that fans could have done more to lift the players onto better things with noisier backing and by doing more on the field the players could have got the fans to provide noisier backing.

It’s the old chicken and egg situation and both and neither are correct.

I just hope relations don’t deteriorate between fans and manager/team when the Stags are sitting pretty fourth in the BSP with a fantastic chance of a play-off spot.

Once again, let’s make no bones about it, this club is currently punching above its weight at this level.

That may hurt some fans who still remember being in the old Division Two under Peter Morris.

Those days are gone and Stags are now a non-League club with non-League players who do not have anywhere near one of the top five budgets in the BSP. That is the reality of it all.

So it must be hurtful to Holdsworth and the ‘Three Amigos’ to see the negative comments posted over the past week, particularly those calling for the manager to be changed.

No side will get through a season without a blip and, altough Stags’ home form has not been up to their usual standards, they have still only lost one BSP game there in 2009 – a record many would gladly swap with them.

The boos and chants of ‘what a load of rubbish’ were inevitable on Saturday as fans were disappointed following a week of Wembley dreams. It was more a cumulative outpouring from five games without a win than just the one match.

But once the emotions have eased off fans must be practical and sensible about it and realise the owners, manager and players are doing the town proud overall and a change of manager right now would be play-off suicide.

With several players in the club waiting to find out their futures in January and other players coming back from loan spells or being signed, I am sure the manager knows firmly in his mind which 11-14 players he wants on his front line for the run-in to the end of the season.

He is still the man for the job. And he and the Amigos will need every ounce of trust and backing this town can provide to get there.

At the same time David Holdsworth must avoid the Billy McEwan mistake of hitting back at fans after a game in which they have shown a reaction at the end.

His comment that it upset loanee Ollie Hotchkiss was not well received and fans who suggested that, if it were true, Hotchkiss needed to toughen up as he may face far worse at Leeds one day, were bang on.

Weather-permitting, Wales beckons this weekend and a tough-looking fixture at Wrexham where Stags last won 23 years ago.

I am looking forward to a trip into town to a thatched real ale pub – I think it may have been called the Horse and Jockey – which had the most profesional karaoke you could imagine.

I know the Welsh are generally noted for their singing ability. But every single man and woman who got up last season sang like an angel. It was definitely like the latter stages of X Factor rather than the early stages.

Then I got up . . . . . .

Hope I am allowed back in this weekend!


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